Going into business is the ideal approach to producing something significant, becoming well off, and being free! Likewise, it has never been simpler to go into business.

Regardless of whether you have a brief period, cash, or experience, you can do it! There are many worthwhile low-maintenance organizations you can begin with, close to nothing or even no cash and experience.

Starting your own business as an afterthought is perhaps the unique approach to assume responsibility for your life and bring in additional cash a seemingly endless amount of time after a month. In any case, taking this jump can…

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At 7.00 am, it was raining, and, and, and the surroundings were giving me a sense of peace and freshness. As I have loved the rain since childhood and always excited to go outside when there is rain outside. So without wasting my time, I had taken my important language and took the keys of the car and started driving; I was going to Kashmir.

Yes, in the rainy season everyone wants to go there and enjoy the beauty of nature. But here I was not going just for that purpose, I was going to meet Mrs. Khan in Kashmir…

Figure 1https://unsplash.com.
Figure 1https://unsplash.com.
Figure 1https://unsplash.com.

In December 2018 Multilevel models, which included random intercepts at the school and individual level estimated between-person and within-person associations between screen time and depression. Significant between-person associations showed that for every increased hour spent using social media, adolescents showed a 0.64-unit increase in depressive symptoms (95% CI, 0.32–0.51) according to the research of Association of Screen Time and Depression in Adolescence | Adolescent Medicine.

Which makes you wonder: How much is safe for my mental health? It’s no secret that everyone is somewhere “addicted” to their screen time. Just look around any place restaurant, homes, clubs etc. and nowadays…

Mahnoor Ahmet

MAHNOOR AHMET “writes articles on Humanity, Social and Health issues. Her educational background is Architecture and Writing.

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